ProAdvisor CPA utilizes ShareFile a 3rd party cloud file transfer platform.

3rd Party Overview

ShareFile allows us to secure, share and edit files from anywhere.

ShareFile is a product of the parent company Citrix. ShareFile is a premiere file storage and transfer security platform. ShareFile is recognized as one of the most secure file transfer and storage platforms available. View their Security and Compliance Documentation for further information about how ShareFile secures file transfer and storage as well as their regulation compliance.

Citrix Service Agreement: httpss://

Citrix Privacy Policy: httpss://

Citrix Security and Compliance: httpss://

ShareFile Security and Compliance: httpss://

Citrix ShareFile Security and Compliance Fact Sheet: httpss://

“Our SOC 2 report provides customers with independently verified assurance that the ShareFile system meets the strict audit requirements set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The SOC 2 report is the de facto assurance standard for cloud service providers.” (

Terms Of Use

By accepting our terms and condition agreement you acknowledge, agree and confirm your intent to be bound by the ShareFile Terms Of Use (referred to as “this Agreement”).

ShareFile Terms of Use: httpss:// 

Privacy Policy

By accepting our terms of use agreement you acknowledge, agree and confirm your understanding of our privacy policy as well as ShareFile’s Privacy Policy.

ShareFile Privacy Policy: httpss:// 

Last updated on August 13, 2019.

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