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behind the scenes at ProAdvisor CPA

Our Vision

We help entrepreneurs attain their financial goals and enjoy the journey of growing their business.

Our Mission

We achieve our vision by fostering flexibility, innovation, and technology, creating an environment where accounting, tax and business professionals thrive.

Tim Swaney laughing at ProAdvisor CPA

Our Core Values

Honest & Open

We tell the hard truth even when it hurts.


We are not reactive, we get ahead of problems. 

(Be a Padawan)

We are constantly learning.

“If you end your training now… you will become an agent of evil.”
– Yoda. 

Be Human

No A$$holes or Gossipers. 

On Purpose

We live and work with intentionality. 

Fail Forward

We use failure as a catalyst for innovation.

our vision is for you to succeed.

Our Team is Dedicated to your success.

Achieving our vision starts with our people. By maintaining our Core Values and a Human Approach, we enjoy executing on our Mission.

meet our team

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Erik Casarez


Rebecca A. Casarez, CPA

Managing Partner - COO
Certified Public Accountant

Tim Swaney

Director of IT

Stephen Richardson, CPA

Senior Account Manager
Certified Public Accountant

Shelli Woodward, EA

Senior Tax & Finance Advisor
Enrolled Agent

Hannah Pierce, CPA

Account Onboarding Specialist
Certified Public Accountant

Kristen Corey

Account Success Manager
Senior Staff Accountant

Debra Falcon

Account Manager
Staff Accountant

Montana Baertschiger

Account Manager
Staff Accountant

behind the scenes

we love what we do

Erik Casarez SiriusXM ProAdvisor CPA
Erik Casarez SiriusXM ProAdvisor CPA

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